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Empowering our students to become better writers one sentence at at time.

In the United States, only 27% of 8th and 12th graders perform at grade level in writing. The results are even more staggering for low-income students, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners, who often enter elementary school with fewer pre-literacy skills than their peers.

Educational standards require students to write more in all subjects, but teachers are often not adequately prepared to teach writing. These deficits lead to academic failure, millions of dollars wasted in college writing remediation courses, and barriers to successful employment.

The Writing Revolution (TWR) transforms instruction across the curriculum through a proven, coherent method that enables all students, and especially those from low-income families, to develop the literacy and critical thinking skills they need to engage productively in society.

We train and support teachers and school leaders in implementing The Hochman Method, an explicit set of evidence-based strategies for teaching writing. Our approach builds from sentences to compositions and is embedded in curriculum across all content areas and grade levels.

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